Rosenfors was built during bad economical times in the beginning of 1900, they have used many small pieceses of material for construction you normally throws away, the ironroof on the barn was taken from a placed destroyed in fire. In the barn they also had animals like horses and cows. Families lived here for many years with many children, washing in the river, having an outside toilett and outside cold water, a small kitchen where the bathroom are today, sleeping room where kitchen are today and using todays bedroom as fine dinningroom. The second floor was not used, only for cold  storage. It’ had two chimneys on the house.

During second war some people from Estonia lived here, migrants from the war. After war 1950-1975 Olofström was growing rapidily because of Volvo factory. Some period it was the village growing fastest in Sweden.  Many people lived here for a short time before they get a bigger or maybe better living. This people come from a lot of countries like Soumi, Estonia and former Yugoslavia.

My grandmother and grandfather Ester and Axel owned this house for many years using it for renting out and farmning and growing strawberries. After them my mother had this house for many years but not using it so much due to lack of time.

In the end of 2009 I bought it and started a big renovation and now it’s a familyhouse for family recreation and for renting out for guests, mainly from Northern Europe.