Green environments

A lot of efforts have been done i Rosenfors to reduce the environmental impacts and the works carry on daily.


  • When it’s possible i have bought used things as furnitures.
  • When the house not are in use, all heating (except protection for freezing water) are off. I have remote power/on off so i could start heating when needed.Instead of heating the house are dehumidified, effective and less electricity used.
  • All electricity are produced by water or wind from “Enkla elbolaget”.
  • Many light bulbs are low energy LED.
  • The grass in the lawn are by special type not needed so much to be watered or fertilized and grows slower. The cutted grass are recycled.
  • All waste from house even human are composted and used for growing trees.
  • All other waste should be sorted and recycled.
  • Customer are invited to think about use of water and turn off lamps when it’s not needed.
  • There are bicycles available free for guests for shorter transport or pleasure.
  • Wood for burning are produced in the forrest close by.
  • In the directions for getting to Rosenfors i have also added instructions how to get there by public transport.
  • Many activities could be on ground or close by and no need for extra driving.
  • When i do improvement on the house most old materia are burned or sold.
  • Treas are planted every year to replace old ones.
  • Environment petrol are use for the lawn mover.
  • I’m investigating the possible to have solarcells for adding summertime¬†electricity.