What to do here?

Rosenfors are located in western Blekinge, Blekinge are called “The garden of Sweden” . Its  a small landscape in southeast Sweden. and activities are always close in Blekinge, because it’s just approx. 40 km x 100 km. The inland has a lot of lakes and small red cottages in forrests, very similar to Småland. The coast to Baltic Sea has a great archipelago starting in Karlshamn and continues to Karlskrona.

Activities, when you opens the front door:

Because of the big ground area, (33,000 m2) you could do many things just close to the house. The ground of the house has big trees downhill towards the river, it’s like a ravine in many places, with a small path going down to the river and a small wood bridge to the village Jämshög. Most trees are with leafs, very few pines, you could see most of the trees in Sweden, many oaks. In springtime its flowers all over the place, first comes anemones after them comes the lilies.


There are 3 sitting places for at least 4-5 persons, two sitting places(wood furnitures) close to the house maybe for lunch or dinner and one simple smaller close to river. It’s also possible to grill or having BBQ here with real wood.


You could fish by the river or by the boat (3,15m max 3-4 persons depending on waterlevel), my borderline are approx. 380 m. The boat is free to use, it’s nature so bring boots and life vests (for children), the level of water depends on time of year and rain. You could get your first pike here! During the lowseason i have cleared the a path close to the waterline so it’s easier to access.


Often you can see wild animals close to the house: foxes, deer, wild boars, badgers, squirrels and many birds, occasionally you see moose. Get up early in the morning so will be opportunities to see animals. On the picture below you could see a visit of a moose family with 4 animals just close to parking. The picture is taken from the house.


You could also rest in the hammock or play badminton or dart, for children it’s also a small area for football, with goals.

Outdoor activities maximum 50 km from Olofström:


Two bicycles are available, one for women (26 inches with 3 gears) and one bicycle for men (28 inches with 7 gears) and can be used for free for all guests. Around the area there are several paths and some roads that are great to ride. Banvallsleden go outside. More bikes can be rented at Halens camping in summer. www.banvallsleden.se

  • Racer:
    Try the roads around lake Ivösjön which has fine views and good asphalt with little traffic.
  • BMX:
  • Several trails in Halen going to cycle on and in Vånga there are Vånga downhill for bikes.

”Kalle i skogen”
”Kalle i skogen” is legend about a man who died a sudden and tragic death close to Rosenfors, there are ruins of his house in the woods, still many old artifacts still remain on the ground and bear witness his life. Ask me for directions to walk.

Wolf Pits:

There were plenty of wolves in Blekinge in the past and close the house is remains of wolf pits used to trap the wolf in. One of these is close to house, ask me for directions to walk.


  • inland lake: Closest is Halens camping with all services at Halens camping. www.halenscamping.se
  • Sea: Pukavik and Norje as very good and family friendly baths, approx. 17 -20 km along mainroad E22.
  • Inside: Holjebadet offers swimming pools and sauna and other activities. www.olofstrom.se/holjebadet


Description of interesting nature close to house, only in swedish.



Sszabos hemchark offer local meat especially spicy, continental delicacies from Hungrary. If you need something extra for grill in the evening, buy it here. Call to check open hours. www.szabos.se

Grönvägen 4, 295 94 Näsum +46 456-20103

Animals/Safari park:

Eriksberg estate about 40 km is a safari park with hotel and exclusive restaurant. Open in summertime only. www.eriksberg.nu

Antique shops:

In Jämshög and Olofström are there small antique shops.



In central Olofström they have a very nice playground for young children, lots of activities and fences around.

Holje Park:

Park with a museum and café in Olofström. Traditionell midsummer.


At about 8 km’s Olofströms (Boa) Golf Club. www.boagk.se. Also one in Karlshamn http://www.karlshamnsgk.com

International fishing are Harasjömåla 9 km or Mörrum at 20 km. Below the house runs Holjeån offering undisturbed fishing on the long private edge. Also the lake system around Halen lake offers much fishing.





Horse Riding:

Olofströms horse club offers different types of activities for horse enthusiasts. www4.idrottonline.se/OlofstromsRK-Ridsport


In Olofström you have some restaurants, like Italian and Chinese on main street, a nice fish restaurants are Vägga in Karlshamn. www.delikatessrokeri.se

Canoe / Boat:

Halen are a(a big lake district) has several lakes with canoe routes and shelter where you could sleep in the nature. www.halenkanot.se


Blekingeleden are the biggest trail in Blekinge at 220 km. privat.bahnhof.se/wb114455/blekingeleden/bl.leden.htm


Good views over lake Orlunden, close to Olofström. High cliff about 40 meters over the lake, nice for a picnic. But has no fence so be careful.


Listerlandet are a small area at the sea with small fishing villages and a small island Hanö where you could go by boat. Places like Hällevik and Krokås are very good and relaxing. See www.solvesborg.se/hano for more information, Listerland are at approx. 35 km.


Outside Karlshamn are several islands you can visit by boat, Tjärö are very nice  www.tjaro.com. A webbcamera on Tjärö  www.vackertvader.se/webbkamera/tjaro

Boat to Tjärö.



Karlshamn in 30 km, which is very nice and beautiful and worth a visit. www.karlshamn.se

Ronneby Brunnspark

A big and beautiful park in Ronneby.

Ebbemåla bruk:

Ebbamåla Bruk is a unique working-life museum and industrial monument. It´s exterior and interior has been preserved, with all old machinery and tools. www.ebbamalabruk.se


Bring the family to Kreativum in Strömma 2000 m2 with discovery, play and learn with the various “hands-on” stations. Here is also one of Sweden’s three Mega Dome cinemas with a different experience. At Kreativum outside Karlshamn are a sciencepark for children, you could easily spend a rainy day here with your children. www.kreativum.se

Bil och fordonsmuseum:

Olofström has a long history making Volvo cars and lorrys.


Räntemåla gård Farm with activities with moose. www.rantemala.nu

IKEA Älmhult:

The history starts here, now it’s a big shopping Centre outside Älmhult. www.ikea.se

Brio Lekoseum

Brio Lekoseum in Osby is a “museum” with toys made from Brio in wood. Good trip when it’s raining. www.lekoseum.se


The big system of lakes starts with Halen and ends with Immeln, Immeln has a white cruise boat with Restaurants. www.immelnbaten.se/

Activities (more than 50km):

  • Österlen: Beautiful landscape in south Sweden. Distance 120 km or 1.5 h. www.osterlen.se Öland: Öland is a very beautiful island, listed in Unesco as a world heritage. Distance 220 km or 2.5 h. www.olandsturist.se/sv
  • Karlskrona are and old city based on marine activity with marine museum, listed in Unesco world heritage list. Distance 85 km or 1 h www.karlskrona.se
  • Ullared: Gekås in Ullared are the ultimate shopping Centre in Sweden, big, low prices, queues… Distance 200 km or 2.5 h. www.gekas.se
  • Astrid Lindgrens värld in Vimmerby are in 220 km or 3h. www.alv.se/